Medical Fundraising and Charitable Services in Canada

Different medical fundraising and charitable services and organizations work in Canada to promote healthcare, alleviate poverty, and help improve access to education and medical services.

Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief

CPAR is a charity and agency with a focus on international development, safe and healthy environment, and healthcare. The agency works in different regions around the globe to support vulnerable communities, including Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi, and Ethiopia. Revenue mainly comes from government funding, donations, and investment income.

Canadian Medical Foundation

The Canadian Medical Foundation engages in fundraising activities, events, and efforts, including legacy giving, major and tribute giving, special events, donor advised funds, direct marketing, and others. The foundation works in different areas such as refugee and immigrant health, rural medical health, and Indigenous communities’ health.

Kidney Foundation of Canada

This is a nation-wide volunteer foundation that works to enhance public awareness, improve access to healthcare, offer support and education, and raise funds for research. The foundation offers support services, including summer camps, peer support, financial assistance, and more. Financial assistance is available in the form of compassionate loans, travel loan programs, and bursary programs. The foundation also offers educational resources such as fact sheets, brochures, and a patient handbook with information on healthy eating, treatment, kidney disease, etc.

Canadian Liver Foundation

CLF or the Canadian Liver Foundation engages in support and advocacy for better treatment, diagnosis, and prevention. The foundation offers information on common liver syndromes and diseases such as hepatitis C, B, and A, liver cancer, fatty liver disease, cystic disease of the liver, and others. Support services and programs are available, including the Peer Support Network and the National Help Line.

Ovarian Cancer Canada

This is a registered charity that works to raise public awareness and offers funding for research on treatment options and early detection. Ovarian Cancer Canada helps women with peritoneal, fallopian, and ovarian cancer to find local support groups across Canada. Such groups are, for example, the West Island Cancer Wellness Center, Northern Lights Peer Support Group, and HopeSpring Cancer Support Centre.

Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada

The Multiple Sclerosis Society offers services and support to institutions, employers, healthcare professionals, relatives, and patients with MS allied disease and multiple sclerosis. The society offers a peer support program, webinar series, education programs, workshops, and conferences. Patients, students, and healthcare professionals are offered information on hot topics such as vitamin D, stem cells, physical activity and exercise, diet, and others. Patients also benefit from wellness, social, and recreation programs, self-help and support groups, and information and referral. Financial assistance is also available in the form of permanent loans and grants to purchase equipment. There are funding opportunities for researchers as well, for example, the endMS Master’s Studentship Awards, endMS Summer Studentship Awards, and Network Program and Training Activities. The society also organizes targeted competitions and offers research grants for research on mental health and cognition, therapeutic approaches, repair of nerve cells, diagnosis and causes, etc. The goal is to improve quality of life for patients with multiple sclerosis and their families. The association engages in fundraising activities and there are different ways to donate, including legacy giving, monthly giving, gift in honor, memorial gift, and one-time gift.

Other medical fundraising charities and organizations include the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association, Parkinson Canada, Osteoporosis Canada, and Muscular Dystrophy Canada.

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